Al-Anonin mobiilisovellus nyt ladattavissa


Al-Anonin kansainvälinen mobiilisovellus on nyt ladattavissa älypuhelimiin.

Alla englanninkielinen tiedote mobiilisovelluksesta ja sen tarkoituksesta:


This Mobile App marks the next evolution in Al-Anon Recovery. Now, with just a couple taps in the app, English-, Spanish-, and French-speaking Al-Anon members and newcomers from around the world will be able to come together for Al-Anon recovery.

What it is?

• A social app for Al-Anon members to connect with one another to share our experience, strength, and hope

• A new platform for electronic meetings

• A way to connect with your Al-Anon family in private chats

• A place to create and update a digital Al-Anon Journal

• A place to stay informed on the latest information from the World Service Office (WSO)

What it is not?

• It's not a face-to-face meeting list

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